Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Started

I'm an avid blog reader. I love reading blogs about other mom's journey. And i've always wanted to also have a space to pen down my journey as a mom..... finally, i got started! A quick intro to my 3 children - Ethan Christian (8), Ariel Faith (5), Anna Elyon (1).

Ethan's my firstborn. He is in Primary 2. He loves to read, play Wii, X-box, and draw. He's the stay-home sort of boy. He's compassionate and very giving, especially to his 2 sisters.

Ariel's my number 2. She's in Kindergarten 1. She loves to play with trains and cars, not really your regular girly toys. She's the bubbly one, the live-wire and the apple of her grand-dad's eye.

Newest addition to the family is Anna. She turns 1 on 3rd March. She's the fiesty one of the 3. She's very vocal and cheerful. She likes to watch Baby Einstein and Bee Smart Baby.

I'm a stay-home mom and loving every day of it. I think i'm really blessed to be able to be a stay home mom. So here's a big thank you to my darling husband for supporting me so that i can be home with my 3 darlings.

So much for this first post...


  1. good page layout, more pics will be exciting.

    pastor michael yap

  2. to quote aidan..."moooreeee...."???! hheh